Service desk software

A simple tool for registering issues, notifications and tasks to be performed. We used only the necessary functionalities, making the application operation quick and intuitive. If you need a more advanced application - check out fsDesk pro.

Everything you need

Case registration

Register cases via email or via contact form

Case registration - screenshot

Case categories

You can handle different categories of cases with different deadlines in one place! Commercial matters, complaints or maybe technical reports? Specify the categories you need.

Case category - screenshot

Email communiation

You won't miss any customer messages! The application records e-mail messages from the client in the form of notes and additionally displays notifications on the case list.

Notification of a message from a customer - screenshot

User groups

Sales department, complaints, service? Group users working together so that they have access to all cases from the assigned category. Employee leave is no longer a problem!

User groups - screenshot

Customer groups

Create a group of customers from one company or department. Thanks to this, everyone will have access to information on reported cases.

Customer groups - screenshot

Don't miss the deadline

Set notifications about the expiring deadline for your case and don't miss important deadlines.

Deadline notification - screenshot

Log your working time

You can record the time spent on each case and thus assess the cost and workload.

Adding working time - screenshot

Customer service

The fsDesk Basic application will improve customer service and contact.
Register cases, notes and files based on the email sent. Turn on notifications and automatically inform the customer about the progress of the case.

Presentation of the application's appearance on screens


45 eur
per year
  • 5 user accounts
  • no case limits
  • no customer limits
89 eur
per year
  • 10 user accounts
  • no case limits
  • no customer limits
individual pricing
  • more than 10 user accounts
  • no case limits
  • no customer limits

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